KRYOS: Passion and Development

KRYOS is passion for our work,attention for new technologies, continues research of new solution on respect of environment.

KRYOS is a company that has been active for more than 20 years in the production and maintenance of testing equipment for all high-tech industrial sectors.

Born in the early nineties from the ten-year experience of the founding owner as a designer and maintainer in a leading company on production of environmental stress screaning chamber.

Initially specialized on plant maintenance, has developed over time, and today thanks to the design department and a synergy with the suppliers, can offer to his customer development and production of extremely complex equipment done on customer specification.

Our test equipment can simulate environmental conditions in any part of the globe, space, and even simulate in accelerated conditions.

For any need (temperature, climate, dust, stress, corrosion, rain and combined tests) we have the right solution.

Our philosophy is to consider each customer a partner to collaborate with and develop projects, offering added value to pre- and post-sales support.

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