The KRYOS Simulation Systems are applicable in several areas for multiple functions, where high performance technology and maximum reliability of the instrument are required.


Also in space with your feet on the ground with KRYOS space simulators.


Rooms of altitude, thermal shock, saline corrosion chambers, rain tests, thermoclimatic chambers with and without vibration, air or liquid cooling systems, are the main test equipment to verify the operation, performance and reliability of all the components and assemblies installed on an aircraft.

Safe flying is possible thanks to the tests carried out on our test equipment.


How much technology even in a car.
Test your prducts quality with Kryos equipments for standard and personalized tests.


Such technology has allowed evolution from coal locomotives to current high-speed trains.


Communication is the foundation of the new globalized world.

New transmission technology, whether wire-based or ether-based, increasingly requires research to evolve and reliability tests to ensure the quality required by the user and the market.


Through oven, climatic chambers, thermal shock , is possible to test the operation and performance of an electronic board or a PCB and single electronic device, or to simulate the aging of the ones subjected to a temperature profile or combined temperature and humidity variations simulating the environmental situations the device or the product will be subjected during their real life (from storage, transport, to the operating environment).


The exposure light of which our physiological rooms are equipped creates an ideal growth condition for plants, plants or tissue cultures. Temperature and possibly humidity programmable together with light and ventilation management allows better test management. The growth chambers conform to the Photostability tests Part 2 – ICH Q1AR and Q1B guideline and European standards.


We make vacuum chambers up to 2 cubic meters for the creation of environments in total absence of particles. Thanks to the conditioning of a diathermic oil or the direct expansion of liquid nitrogen into suitably treated and coated pipes and the use of special infra-red lamps, we can perform tests in the temperature range from -180 ° C to 300 ° C and vacuum values ​​up to 10-8 mBar.


Laboratory incubators · Thermostatic baths · Stability chambers · Climatic cells – Chillers · Reactors · Ultrasonic baths · Ovens, are just some of the laboratory equipment we can provide you.


The technological evolution and the regulatory reference framework on building materials testing have also taken our country into European standards, focusing on the demand for quality testing and product features in all areas of construction.


Dynamic tests on the packed product for the optimization (economic, qualitative and environmental) of the project.

One of the packing missions is to preserve the integrity of the product, from the manufacturer to the user.


Instruments in the medical field for conservation, study and research.